csc-chaiWe started our first full day in Jamnagar with a indian breakfast and a really good chai from the street. That already being a good start our first TOP for the day was an extended introduction round within the team and it was quite amazing to find out more about the different background and forks in the lives that caused everybody to be now in Jamnagar.

csc-hotelJust before lunch  Mamtha (Manager ‐ Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM India ) joined us and gave us some more background about the CSC program in India. We went through the schedule for tomorrow  , as this will be the day where we meet our partners for the first time!

During the afternoon we visited the town center with the lake and a temple where continuous  chanting is going on since 1964. We finished the day with a visit of the only non-vegetarian in town (Hotel President) – great food once more!
Now its about time to call it the day – so find one more picture of our hotel on the left.

Als check out the following post to get a nice panorama photo of the 11 of us.

#ibmcsc india

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