Indian Tapas
Indian Tapas

Arrived! After a really pleasant flight to Mumbai, Shruti – our local contact – was waiting for me at the airport and brought me to the hotel. Already the impressions from that short ride where  overwhelming. After arriving at the hotel I caught up with Keith, Malcom, Claudia and Nina and we went out for our first indian dinner.

By the next morning the whole team arrived and we took the AirIndia flight to our final destination – Jamnagar. After getting off the airplane I got to know a total new level of humidity. Our home for the next four weeks is „Hotel Aran“ – a really nice place – except for the fact that I have to get used to room without a real window.

csc-camelThe afternoon and evening we spent with a really great indian lunch (really love the indian food so far), my first rikscha drive (in the front), getting a SIM card with a mobile dataplan (1GB for 175 INR) and a tour through the neighborhood – where we saw our first camel – so many impressions!

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